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Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn is the CEO and Founder of Emily Quinn Inc., a lifestyle brand and service business dedicated to helping individuals, couples and organizations use money to create more joy and good in the world.

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About this course


Emily here! Welcome to Build Your Best Benefit - I'm delighted to work with you. :)

The goal of Build Your Best Benefit is to give you the tools and resources you need to plan your fundraiser, from start to finish (and beyond). There is A LOT of material packed into this course but I've designed it so that you can go at your own pace and get support at the points you might need it.

You'll find that you all are in one of three camps:

  1. You may have purchased the course as a self-guided "DIY" course, while you grow your event. You may have an amateur auctioneer to do your day-of work.
  2. You may have received the course free, as part of my Consultation and Apprentice Auctioneer package. If this is you, you're entitled to unlimited phone and email consultation with me, which you can schedule by emailing me directly at Your auctioneer for day-of work is an apprentice I work with, who will also be involved in all of our consultation.
  3. You may have received the course free, as part of my Premium Event Consultation and Auctioneering Services. You are also entitled to unlimited phone and email consultation with me and I'll be at your event day-of. Woohoo! That'll be fun. :)

The course is designed to be self-paced regardless of how you ended up here. Inside the course, you'll find a community of other nonprofit event fundraising folks just like you. I encourage you to let this community be a support-system to share ideas, get feedback and hear what's worked and hasn't. Together you are SO MUCH MORE! I'll be watching the conversation and will address issues as they come up, or--as always--shoot me an email if you're at a stuck-point and I'll create something to help you out.

If you need help with the course at any time, my team and I are just an email away at Please let us know what you need or if you have ideas/thoughts/opinions to share - we're here to help!

On behalf of the AuctionEmily and Build Your Best Benefit team, welcome again. We're excited to work with you!

~ Emily